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Latvian Society of Radiology is comprised of three different types of membership Full, Associated and Honorary.

In order to become a member it is required to submit a written application form to the Board of the Society together with the recommendation by an active member of the Society. Applications will be reviewed and are subject to approval at the nearest forthcoming meeting of the Board. Applicants must be present when the final decision of the acceptance is announced at the Society meeting. 
Full and Associated members of the Society are required to pay both entrance and membership fees for the current year in the amount specified by the Board.

ALL certified specialists in the fields of Radiology and Therapeutic Radiology practicing in Latvia are eligible to become an Associated member of the Society. 
Residents of Radiology and other specialties of Radiology, as well as professionals practicing in all other fields of Radiology are also entitled to become Associated members. Associated members participate in the work of the Society with advisory voting rights; they are not entitled for election to the Board or audit commission.
For the significant contribution to the field of Radiology professionals from Latvia or other country may be elected as the Honorary members of the Society. In order to become an Honorary member professionals must be nominated either by the Board of the Society or two Full members of the Society. Honorary members are elected at the General meeting of the Society and the special Honorary Member Diploma is issued to any recipient. Honorary members are not obliged to pay membership fees and take part in the work of the Society with advisory voting rights. 

The Honorary members of the Latvian Society of Radiology:

Doc. Kārlis Mazūrs (1958.)
Prof. Samuel Reinberg (Moscow 1975.)
Prof. Leonid Lindenbraten (Moscow 1975.)
Dr. Baldūrs Apinis (2002.)
Dr. Valts Raits (2003.)
Prof. Atis Freimanis (USA 2003.)
Prof. Jevgēnijs Nemiro (2003.)
Dr. Ira Vidiņa (2011.)
Dr. Juris Jansons (2011.)
Doc. Pauls Zlemets (2011.)
Dr. Vladimirs Vorona (2011.)
Dr. Arnolds Atis Veinbergs (2012.)
Doc. Ēriks Reinholds (2012.)
Dr. Ausma Ozoliņa (2012.)
Doc. Rasma Heniņa (2012.)
Prof. Gaida Krūmiņa (2016.)
Dr. Maija Ratniece (2017.g.)
Dr. Andris Laganovskis (2017.g.)
Dr. Guntars Demidovs (2017.g.)
Dr. Edmunds Pakers (2017.g.)
Dr. Tatjana Ozola (2019.g.)
Dr. Zinaida Metlāne (2019.g.)
Dr. Aigars Migals (2019.g.)
Asoc. prof. Ardis Platkājis (2019.g.)
Asoc. prof. Kārlis Kupčs (2019.g.)

Payments confirmed by the decision of the General meeting of the Society on the 13th May, 2019:
- annual membership fees of the Society members - Full member 25 EUR, Associated member   10 EUR.

Annual collective membership fees paid by the Society:
European Society of Radiology - 10 EUR per each Society Full member, 8 EUR per each Associated member